Hairball Prevention

Prevent your pet from hairballs using the innovative FURminator deshedding tools!

Cats and rabbits are especially prone to the formation of hairballs. Hairballs are formed by shed hair that animals swallow for example while grooming themselves.The heavier theshedding is the higher is the amount of ingested hair and therefore the prevalence of hairball formation.

As the formation of hairballs can be quite dangerous for your pet leading to serious health problems such as digestive disorders, stomach problems or vomiting, the solution is limiting the hair ingestion. This can be achieved by regular grooming your pet with the FURminator deShedding Tool. Using the tool you easily remove the excess hair of your pet up to 90%, decreasing the amount of hair your pet ingests, decreasing the likelihood of a hairball and preventing the formation of hairballs.

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