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FURflex® Dual Brush Head for Dog

The FURminator® FURflex™ Dual Brush Head for Dog is a handy multipurpose brush featuring a Pin Brush on one side and a Bristle Brush on the other. Use this brush daily to help remove mats, tangles and loose hair.  Use with the FURminator® FURflex™ System to get the ultimate flexibility in pet hair control -  customize to quickly and easily deShed, groom & pick up loose hair!

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Benefits of the Dual Brush Head:

  • Multipurpose brush features bristle brush and pin brush
  • Bristles smooth and distribute natural oils
  • Rounded pins comfortably remove mats and tangles

Directions for use: Products designed for daily hair training and grooming and clean up.

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FURflex Dual Brush Head

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