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FURflex® Handle

Securely attaches to all FURflex™ System Heads using FURmLock™ technology providing superior stability while you groom your pet. Use with the FURflex™ System, ideal for homes with multiple pets for different grooming needs.

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Benefits of the FURflex® Handle:

  • For use with all FURflex® deShedding, grooming and hair collection attachments
  • Quickly, easily deShed, groom, pick up loose hair
  • Secure FURmLock® technology, provides superior stability while you groom your pet
  • Firmly  press head and handle together until head locks securely into place.

For use with and locked in place ALL FURflex® deShedding, grooming & hair collection attachments.

Directions for use of deShedding attachment: Recommended for use on shedding breeds only. Avoid using on pets with particularly sensitive skin. Please consult a veterinarian if you are unsure if your pet has an undercoat.

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