Discover the FURminator® Ultimate Hair Reduction System

Wave goodbye to loose pet hairs taking over your home! The FURminator four-part regime is all you need to take charge of your pet grooming routine.

1. GROOM daily

 Relax, pamper and nourish your pet’s fur by brushing regularly. Not only does daily grooming prevent painful knots in some fur types, it helps distribute the naturally occurring oils across the skin and fur, keeping it nice and healthy.

2. DESHED weekly

Remove the loose, dead undercoat – the culprit that you find on your clothes, furniture and around the home. Our unique Deshedding tools can also help reduce hairballs for cats!

3. BATHE monthly

Clean your pet and reduce odours with our range of cleansers including shampoos, conditioners and waterless sprays with our bathing brush.

4. DISCARD as needed

 Collect and discard loose hairs around your home.

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