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How to rid your home of pet hair for good

You love your pet, but not the hair they leave behind. Pet parents have all sorts of ways of dealing with pet hair around the home – from using adhesive lint rollers on their clothes, to clogging up the vacuum cleaner with hair collected from carpets and sofas. Some even switch to hard floors to help make pet hair more manageable.

Here are some tips on how to deal with unwanted pet hair, and how to minimise the amount of hair your pet sheds

The importance of grooming

The best way to reduce the amount of fur you need to deal with is to groom your pet regularly. This will help you to dispose of the unwanted hair before it sheds from your pet onto your floors! Our furry friends generally have two coats of fur – the sleek, water-resistant top coat or ‘guard hairs’ and the fuzzy, warm undercoat. It is often the undercoat shedding that causes fur build-up, as well as hairballs in cats.

Brushing your pet on a daily basis will help to remove loose hair on the top coat and will also get rid of any dust and debris that your pet may have picked up throughout the day. Brushing your pet also helps to keep their fur looking sleek and shiny.

As well as brushing, another important step is deShedding. This should be done around once a week and helps to remove the loose undercoat before it sheds. FURminator’s unique deShedding tool features our patented FURejector® button, allowing you to safely discard of the collected fur. That way it ends up in the bin, and not all over your favourite clothes!

Hair collection tools

For when you need a bit of extra help clearing up fur around the home, FURminator’s hair collection tools can help you to avoid clogging up the vacuum cleaner or wasting money on disposable lint rollers. Our innovative, reusable tools help you to trap and collect rogue pet hair from your clothes, as well as from all other household furnishings like sofas and curtains. Just roll the tool onto the fur you wish to collect and trap the fur in the collection chamber with one simple twist.

Our home hair collection tool even has a telescopic handle so that you can reach those high-up places where your cat loves to hide! With the help of FURminator’s grooming and hair collection tools, you can allow your pet to have total freedom of your home without worrying about the fur they leave behind.

Why do pets shed?

Shedding is a natural process for most animals. Domestic cats and dogs have a shedding cycle which happens continuously, whereby new hair grows, has a resting phase, becomes weak and eventually sheds, making way for new growth.

This is a natural seasonal process, but it can also be affected by other factors, such as how warm your house is and how much time your pet spends outdoors.

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